“My Blueberry Nights” is an American drama movie. The movie was directed by Kar Wai Wong. It debuted in 2007. This romantic story tells the love story of two people separated by destiny. The movie was nominated for Golden Palm and CEC Award. The movie tagline is “How do you say goodbye to someone you can’t imagine living without?”

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Jeremy comes to New York City. He is an emigrant from Manchester and doesn’t know anything in this huge city. Here he buys a small café which doesn’t give him much money. Elizabeth finds his café and feels herself so happy visiting it. She expresses herself emotionally baking the blueberry pie. Elizabeth pays no attention to the fact nobody buy it.


Then Lizzie leaves New York for Memphis, Tennessee. There she finds two jobs. She works as waitress during the day and at night goes to another job. She is eager to buy a car and does her best for earning much money. Elizabeth often sends postcards to Jeremy but doesn’t write something about the place he lives and works. Jeremy tries to bring this fact to light. He can’t even guess where she is and call all possible restaurants next to his location. He decides to send out postcards to all those cafes. He wants to find her any way.


After some events Elizabeth naming herself Beth now leaves Memphis for Nevada. There she finds another job as a waitress in casino. She meets one girl here. Her name is Leslie and she is poker player. She is not successful in that stuff so she has just left all her money. Beth desires to give her some money. If Leslie wins Beth will take the third part, if not Leslie will give Beth her car. Leslie looses and keeping the promise and gives Beth her car. Leslie asks Beth to drive her to Las Vegas so she can meet her father and take some money. In Las Vegas she discovers her father dead. So Leslie takes his money and promises Beth to send her the part of her winning next time. Elizabeth comes back to New York, goes to Jeremy’s café and fells that even after all those events in her life she still loves him.

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