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How To Get More Followers And Comments On Instagram: 9 Fun Games

Instagram games are a terrific way to get more people involved with your account and foster a sense of community.

This makes them an essential part of social media marketing, since they facilitate the growth of businesses through Instagram by attracting more followers.

Instagram Games: What Are They?

Instagram games are (you guessed it) challenges or games you may publish to your account to increase interaction with your followers. This is a terrific method to mix up your feed and publish something new if you’re feeling stuck for content ideas.

Instagram games may range from photo submission contests to group challenges in which players tag their followers and ask others to do the same.

9 Creative Instagram Games

Here are nine examples of Instagram games and challenges you may host, although the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Three Truths and a Lie

The rules of the popular party game Three Truths and a Lie are easy to understand and require no explanation.

This Instagram Story game requires nothing more than four separate posts to your Story, each of which should contain a fact about you or your company.

All of your Instagram followers may have fun with this interactive game while learning more about you or your company.

Draw It Fast Contest

Quick Draw challenges are a great way to get your followers involved and have some fun. Follow the second set of instructions above to gain access to this sample document.

Use this Instagram game for Story to get to know your followers better by issuing a challenge to see who can make the greatest Quick Draw of your pet or a product you offer.

Adding a prize giveaway is a fun way to up the ante on this challenge. If someone can sketch the finest representation of one of your products, you may give them a free sample.

Name Five Friends to Nominate

Most Instagram users will be familiar with these kind of issues. It’s a great way to get your friends and followers engaged in the challenge, and it’s easy to set up.

There’s a lot of room for innovation in this game; you can make the obstacle be anything you choose. Players must follow the instructions supplied with the game and then issue invitations to other followers.

GIF Contest

The concept of organising a GIF challenge as an entertaining Instagram game for Story has lately gained in popularity.

The host will design a template for these contests based on a certain topic, such a holiday or a major annual event like the NCAA tournament or Halloween. The unfilled spaces in the template would be labelled in various ways.


Instagram hashtag challenges are a fun way to get your name out there. And they’re another easy choice for hosting the competition!

You can easily run a hashtag contest by asking your followers to share a post to their feed or Story and include the designated hashtag.

The more posts your followers make in order to participate in the challenge, the more exposure your hashtag will get. As it causes a domino effect among Instagram users, your reach and interaction will increase.

Round Quiz

If you want to foster a sense of community among your followers and increase engagement on your page, quizzes are a terrific method to do it.

Instagram games for Story often take the form of quizzes, much like GIF challenges, and are based on a template posted by the host.

The Music Competition

Music challenges are a great way to get people chatting and learning more about one other in your online area.

People may participate in these Instagram activities by posting them to their Stories and talking about the songs they’re like right now. Anyone taking part in the challenge should, of course, encourage their friends to do the same.

To Choose Between

One of the best ways to get plenty of people to interact with your Instagram account is to host a This or That challenge using Instagram Story.

Sharing the game templates with other users and learning how others feel about contentious issues appears to be a popular pastime.

Get to Know Your Followers

Many of the Instagram games we’ve discussed are great for interacting with your audience and learning more about them. However, you may also organise a contest whose objective is “getting to know you.”

Create a template and ask your followers to fill it out and tag your account so you can repost and share their responses with the community to host a Get to Know Your Followers challenge.

It’s Past Time To Begin

You’ve read our ultimate guide to Instagram games, so you must be an expert now, right?

As such, now is as good a moment as any to issue a challenge, whether on your Story or in a separate post. In that case, why delay any longer? Today, why not challenge your Instagram followers to a game?

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