How To Utilize IGTV For Your Business – 5 Proven Tactics

If you are not using IGTV, you miss a tremendous opportunity to boost your brand visibility and exposure. It also helps to attract many new followers and to enhance your business. 

I think everyone will be aware of IGTV; if not, it’s a modern television network. It will be an effective way to connect with your followers. 

IGTV is a stand-alone app in-built on Instagram; it allows you to publish videos for up to 10 minutes. Here, you can upload a vertical format video. You can create a separate IGTV channel and upload videos regularly. Once you open your homepage, you will see an IGTV icon there where you can post your videos. IGTV is one of the greatest tools to reach your potential customers and to promote your brands. 

In this article, you will find unique ways to use IGTV for your business.

Start A Video Series

One of the best ways to give fresh and existing content regularly is by starting a video series. Video series is the perfect way to bring more traffic and increase excitement on your channel. Do research on what kinds of content your audience likes to have from your account. Here, you need to provide every piece of information in just one video. Rather than on IGTV, you can offer pocket-sized information to your audience. You can divide information and create short-form videos. 

Depending on your interest, the business, you can come up with a series on different topics. Soon your IGTV channel will be full of useful information. Through this, increase your online visibility. 

Post A Webinar 

Is it possible to teach anything within 10 minutes? Yes, you may end up with so many ideas when you start to imagine. Educating or tutorial kinds of videos help you to build more credibility to your account. Under this, you have more chances to speak more about your brands or business.  

Create Behind-The-Scenes Video 

You may think that nobody wants to see making videos of something, but you are wrong. Everyone wants to see how chocolate is made. Suppose you belong to the industry that makes great visuals like artificial limbs, baking cakes, sweets, and more. You could grab this fantastic opportunity, take viewers on a tour of what your work is, how you manufacture your products. If you don’t have great visuals, no worries, you can showcase your office or company, let your audience know what’s happening inside your company.

Convert Your FAQs Into IGTV Videos 

Converting your FAQs into separate videos is another unique content to grab audience attention. This way, you can bring more engagement to your brand. Moreover, you can also try buying IGTV likes to gain more popularity; that way, you can grow your business on IGTV. To do this, first of all, collect questions that are frequently asked by your audience. Next, prepare a video that must be engaging, try to make the video funnily to entertain your audience. Answering questions can indirectly promote your business. 

Upload Your Day-To-Day Activities 

By posting day-to-day stuff, you can connect more with your audience. Don’t think that you need a well-crafted video; even the video’s natural flow is enough. Posting this type of content will make your audience to know more about you. This way, you can make your audience get attracted to your brand.  


If you’re new to IGTV, it’s never too late, just jump into IGTV and start publishing videos. How-to and tutorial forms of videos are quite famous on IGTV. Try to create engaging content, identify your audience needs, and frame content according to that. Sure this article will help you to grow your business on IGTV. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.