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Learn The Ins And Outs Of Brand Account Tracking On Instagram.

If you’re using Instagram to promote your business, you probably put a lot of thought into how to make your photos stand out from the crowd and get more likes and comments.

There are more significant marketing goals for many Instagram marketers than likes and comments. Remember that you’re only advertising your company on Instagram in the first place because you want more customers to learn about it and buy from you.

If you want to know how Instagram is effecting your web traffic and other crucial marketing areas, you must monitor clickthrough rates and other engagement data. It’s crucial for enhancing your content strategy as a whole.

First and foremost, Instagram link shortening for business.

Using a basic link shortening service is one of the best ways to monitor traffic to your site. Shortening your link using a site like or is easy, and it typically doesn’t cost anything.

But the most significant feature is that these tools let you monitor the results of your links. A quick and easy way to see how your link is functioning in real time is to append the “+” symbol to the end of it.

You can tell whether link-sharing techniques are successful at bringing new visitors to your website by monitoring the amount of hits each link receives.

Use Google’s UTM Parameters in Step 2

Obviously, we couldn’t have a conversation on measuring the success of your Instagram marketing without bringing up Google Analytics.

The UTM parameters in Google Analytics are one of the company’s most useful tools for monitoring the success of Instagram advertising campaigns. To ensure that tracking data is transmitted to Google Analytics whenever a link is visited, you may use Google’s URL Builder to append tags to a URL.

You may get a clearer picture of how much of your website’s traffic originates from your Instagram account by setting up unique UTM parameters for it.

If you want to share your link on Instagram, shorten it first. When you’re ready to share your UTM-parameterized link on your profile, just run it via a link shortening provider.

When paired with astute goal setting in Google Analytics, UTM parameters become even more powerful. You can easily and quickly establish campaign goals for your business with the help of Google’s many available templates.

You may determine how much of an impact Instagram has on your campaign by using unique tracking identifiers (UTMs) in your objectives.

Thirdly, make a profile for your company.

Due to the novelty of Instagram business profiles, not all brands have yet adopted one for their own promotional purposes.

Those who continue with a basic Instagram profile, though, won’t have access to the valuable metrics that come with a business profile.

Using Instagram’s business insights, you can track important metrics like the number of people who viewed your posts, how many people shared them, and how many people visited your website from your profile.

More importantly, Instagram provides analytics that allow you to segment your audience based on demographics like age, gender, geography, and even peak online periods to better target your posts to them.

Fourth Step: The Value of Analytical Resources

While the aforementioned materials might be helpful, analytics tools designed for Instagram can give you with even more information, helping your team to discover fresh, relevant insights that can be used to their Instagram marketing strategies.

This is why we’re pumped to introduce our very own analytics platform in 2017: it’ll let you see how well each of your articles is doing, as well as how well your account is doing overall.

However, there are a few of alternative tools that might assist out for the time being.

Iconosquare, for instance, lets you monitor your account’s growth and decline, as well as analyse how various content types and hashtags are doing.

Agorapulse is yet another excellent choice. Agorapulse lets you monitor your audience’s interaction on a daily basis. In addition, it shows you which of your followers have shown the most interest in what you’ve shared.

By keeping tabs on these metrics, you can improve your Instagram marketing plan and bring in even more leads and revenue.


When combined with Kickstagram’s forthcoming analytics platform, these capabilities will make it easier than ever to measure the ROI of your Instagram marketing efforts.

Stop worrying if Instagram is helping your business and start using it to find out! Start measuring the ROI of your brand’s Instagram account immediately by implementing the aforementioned strategies.

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