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A Few Quick Pointers to Help You Raise Your Instagram Ads Game

Instagram, one of our favourite lifestyle-based social platforms, is also a mobile-only advertising channel. This presents marketers with a unique set of difficulties as well as possibilities. nstagram is a mobile-only advertising channel. Consumers swiftly browse through an infinite quantity of material, and if your brand’s advertisements are not of a good quality or appear to be irrelevant to the platform, they will rack up important user impressions from users who are not motivated to take action.

We have compiled a list of quick tips for how to design great ads that will improve the Instagram game of any brand, regardless of whether you are just starting out with Instagram advertising or are a seasoned pro in Ads Manager. These tips can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of experience.

Every Every Pixel Is Important

In the same way that you wouldn’t put an advertisement for a bus stop on a billboard, you shouldn’t do that when it comes to advertising on Instagram. When it comes to developing an effective Instagram campaign, you’ll need to take separate approaches for In-feed advertisements and Stories ads. The two internships are very distinct experiences, yet they can compliment one another in certain ways. Instagram Stories give a full-screen, edge-to-edge watching experience in only 15 seconds, whilst in-feed advertising may tell a longer tale or display your product offers. Both features are available to those who have an Instagram account. While developing advertisements, it is usually recommended that you do it with a “social-first” frame of mind. Have a plan for the placements you will use, and then create your creative utilising aspect ratios that will look the best and occupy the most screen area in each of those locations.

Maintain a Low Complexity

The expression “less is more” Keeping the style of your advertisement uncluttered and straightforward stops the audience from feeling overwhelmed and allows them more time to comprehend the information you are trying to convey. Facebook is of the opinion that a user will have a terrible viewing experience if there are too many components on the page. Because of this, Facebook has instituted a regulation that specifies a picture must contain no more than twenty percent (20%) text, or else the reach of the advertisement would be diminished. Using their Picture Text Check feature if you are unsure about something.

Make sure that your call to action (CTA) is understandable

Ask yourself: After seeing your advertisement, what do you want the people in your target demographic to do? It is essential that the information on your page motivates readers to take some kind of action, whether your objective is to get them to visit your page, download an app, or visit your website. Motivating your audience to click through the call to action button on your ad may be accomplished by including clear call to action messaging in the design or content of your advertisement.

Utilize Color

In the world of advertising, colour is an essential component. It has the ability to evoke feelings and motivate others to take action. A person’s reaction to your brand, product, or advertisement may also be affected by colour, which can contribute to increased brand awareness. A striking use of colour may attract a viewer’s attention and prevent them from scrolling during those crucial first minutes of an impression, provided that the use of colour is done in a tasteful manner.

Get Right Down to It!

The environment in which a narrative about your brand is being told should have an effect on the manner in which you present that tale. It usually takes 30 seconds for a television advertisement to build up to the main point, yet social media is not the appropriate venue for a television commercial. In order for a social video to be successful, the most interesting content should be presented in the beginning, and the viewer should be hooked in fewer than ten seconds.

Using Polling Stickers Is a Great Way to Boost Participation

Use polling stickers to give your Instagram Stories ad a more participatory and lighthearted feel. Facebook Ads Manager makes it possible to easily include them into your creative. Since they encourage users to spend more time with your advertisement and make it look more organic to Stories, using stickers has been shown to boost the number of video views and drive down the cost-per-result. As you are developing your creative, it is important to keep in mind that there should be a safe zone left for the sticker to be placed in. This will prevent the sticker from obscuring text or appearing to be an afterthought.

Get Ready to Touch Down

The location on your website where a user first arrives influences what they do when they get there. If you are advertising a specific product, the user should be redirected to that product page when they click the click-through URL. If you are advertising a collection of products, the user should be redirected to a specific landing page that makes it easy for them to navigate to that product within the collection. If a customer clicks on one of your product ads and is taken to the homepage of your site, this might result in user irritation and an increase in the site’s bounce rate.

Get the Facts Before You Go

Find out which of your creative assets will perform better than the others before you commit your important advertising dollars to supporting it. Kendra Scott was able to engage its audience with data-backed creative by utilising the predictive AI technology, Vision, that is offered by Dash Hudson. As a consequence, the company was able to increase its ROI. Read the case study that we wrote about it.

These easy and quick ideas and methods have the potential to make the difference between Instagram advertisements that are underperforming and a winning approach that boosts both brand recognition and online income for your business.

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