With more than 500M active monthly users, Instagram is the second most prominent social media network globally. It is a remarkable achievement. This platform is exclusive to the users of mobile phones. More brands use Instagram as one of their marketing stratergy.

  • Setting up your Instagram account for more success
  • Hashtags
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Captions
  • Contests
  • When and where you are not posting
  • Bonus tips for Insatgram

For marketing operations for businesses and brands, get advantages from automatic Instagram likes. Instagram account is the base camp. An official or professional account on Instagram means you get a “contact” button and a “verified” little blue badge. With the help of a contact button, people can message directly to the account. It is a simple way to increase the authority and credibility with users, and also, you won’t pay anything. A direct message option (contact option) is beneficial for customer services.


  • Making an official account for businesses and brands
  • Use the memorable name, relevant name
  • In your profile bio, cross-promote your Instagram accounts
  • Use your profile bio to drive sales and a growing email list
  • Connecting to Facebook
  • On your Facebook page, make a tab for Instagram
  • Tell and convey to people about your Insatgram page
  • Invite your friends from contacts and Facebook
  • Keep an eye on your competitors
  • Create a specific strategy for Instagram


Use and create branded type hashtags, Relevant research on hashtags, Daily use #hashtagsfor example:

  • Monday: #mondays, #monday, #mondaymotivation, #mondaymorning, #mondayblues, #mancrushmonday, #musicmonday
  • Tuesday: #tiptuesday, #tuesday, #tunesday, #takemebacktuesday, #transformationtuesday
  • Wednesday: #humpday, #wednesday, #woofwednesday #wednesdayworkout
  • Thursday: #throwbackthursday, #thursday, #thursdaythoughts
  • Friday: #friday, #ff, #followfriday, #afterworkdrinks, #fridaynight,
  • Saturday: #weekend, #saturday, #saturdaynight
  • Sunday: #sunday, #sundayfunday, #weekend, #selfiesunday

These are some of the best ideas to do on Instagram for marketing: Taking up of trending and best hashtags, Evergreen hashtag usage, Track the use of branded hashtag, First think, then posts, Contextual images, Publications and books relevant to industry, High quality photos posting, Always delete bad photos, Create a consistent guidelines and maintain consistent guidelines, Create in jokes and memes, Share the content of behind the scenes, Quotes posting, Reuse old content, Use editor apps for photo, Collage making, Hiding something in your photo content, Story maintaining, Posting carousel, Mosaic creation, Update every day moments, Including people in your posts, Tag others in your photo, Throwbacks, announcements, question asking, ask feedback from users, post some content created by fan, feedback from client, success of client, stimulating of desire, make themed pictures and current events, show some advanced examples, incite some curiosity, video explainer, partner with some brands and influencers, having some fun, run promo materials and ads, use MSQRD, and boomerang, use geo graphic tags, add call to action in profile, speak to your fan and audience, adding hashtags in comment section, contest announcement, double tap or like to enter, enter to comments, user generated content contests, contest on landing page, like content of other people, replying to questions, block the trolls and delete the trolls, participate in the weekend hashtag project by Instagram’s blog, post your comments on posts of other people, follow some users suggested by Instagram, follow back the users who follow you on Instagram, follow the accounts on Instagram that your competitors follow, swaps of Instagram channel, with the help of influencers cross promote your brand, know when and where to post, know when and where not to post, scheduling of future posts and content, be consistent, understand your fans and audiences, keep an eye on what type of content works for you, use advanced service of analytics.