Here Are Nine Instagram Functions That You May Have Missed

The typical Instagram workflow is taking a photo or video, editing it with a filter, tagging friends and/or places, and clicking “post.” This conventional method, however, might lead Instagram users to develop tunnel vision and fail to take use of all the site has to offer.

While the aforementioned mechanism is responsible for the vast majority of Instagram’s features, getting the most out of Instagram, from automatic likes to more Instagram followers, is all about familiarising yourself with the app’s various capabilities. Here are nine exclusive Instagram options that almost no one knows about.

Favourite Posts

Due to the rapid pace at which information may now be disseminated via the Internet and social media platforms, it can be difficult to remember which photographs you loved in the past. As time passes, so do the images that were posted a few days or weeks ago. Users can store content they like in order to return to it later.

    Images and videos that a user likes enough to save are kept in a private album just for them. The beauty of bookmarked posts is that they are invisible to other users, allowing users to construct private collections of their favourite content without having to alert their friends or followers.

    Block Annoying Commercials

    Some companies find it simpler to insert their adverts in activity streams rather than merely developing and promoting content through posts, as advertising efforts have inundated the Instagram social sphere to an unprecedented degree. Ads might seem annoying at times, but most people learn to live with it.

    Most consumers have no idea how simple it is to get rid of these advertisements. If you hover your mouse over the three dots in the upper right corner of the ad post, you’ll get a menu with many options, including “Hide Ad.” It’s that easy to disable Instagram advertisements.

    Involvement with Other Friends

    The line breaks there, as the activity stream only provides glimpses into the lives of those who are being watched. It’s possible that some users are curious about the content that their friends are engaging with audience or the accounts that they are following. The activity feed may not display this data, but that doesn’t mean Instagram doesn’t have it.

    Notifications Posted by Users

    Users with a lot of clout can quickly amass a large number of followers who eagerly await their next post. Users who are continually checking their phones to see whether they have any fresh activity stream updates are wasting a lot of time.

    Turning on post notifications from users is a quick fix. You may stop checking the activity feed to see if your favourite users have posted or uploaded a new Story by enabling notifications.

    Wipe Recent Searches

    Whether you’re a total Instagram newbie or a seasoned pro, you’ve probably noticed that profiles you’ve already checked out keep popping up as suggestions when you use the app’s search function.

      If you’re like most Instagram users, you probably don’t want your search history hanging over your head all the time. If you’ve ever wanted to clear your search bar or persuade others you’re not a stalker, you now have that option thanks to Instagram’s search history clearing feature.

      Photo Approval Tagging

      The dreadful feeling of getting tagged in an embarrassing photo is something that most people can relate to. If it was posted by a friend, the user may feel even more trapped. Instagram, however, provides a function that may be used in such a predicament.

      Users may choose which photographs they want to see on their profile by using the tag approval system. Simply accessing your profile’s settings and choosing to “add tags manually” will provide you complete editorial freedom over its presentation.

      List of Popular Posts

      When did you last feel bored? You’re so bored that you’ve been staring at your phone for hours, hoping someone would post something interesting on Instagram every ten seconds. Or maybe you had a case of the wistful and scrolled through your whole Instagram feed of several thousand posts in a single sitting.

      Whatever the case may be, Instagram offers a solution for you: a built-in function that compiles all of the posts you’ve liked into one place. If you’ve exhausted the most current postings or are just feeling nostalgic, you might find solace in revisiting some old favourites.

      Send a Private Message to a Pal

      The abundance of social media platforms available today makes meeting new people almost too simple. It’s so simple that you probably know more people through your social media profiles than through your phone’s contacts. SMS messaging and iMessage are sufficient for routine use. But how can you get in touch with someone if you don’t know their phone number?

      Filter Organisation

      The Instagram community is diverse. Some users join the service but never contribute anything of their own, opting instead to only observe the activities of others. There are other users who have more posts than days their account has been active, who are followed by more than 10 times as many people as they are, and who follow 500 accounts.

      However, practically every Instagram user has experimented with filters in the past. In many situations, they have already settled on a preferred filtering method and eliminated all others. Instagram’s filter library may be easily customised to suit individual tastes. You can easily rearrange the filters to put your favourites at the front of the list and push the less desirable ones down to the bottom by pressing and holding on them and dragging them into a new position.

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