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Get More Local Instagram Followers by Using Geotags

Brands may get overconfident in Instagram’s growth if the platform continues to see such fast expansion. The key is not whether or not you have increased your global reach and engagement, but rather whether or not it has translated into genuine leads.

Geotagging is a function of Instagram that can help you gain more followers if you’re trying to promote your brand or business. Tag your social media postings with specific areas to increase brand awareness and exposure.

Instagram geotags are a powerful tool that should be incorporated into your content strategy. Find out how they function and why they’re so crucial by reading this article.

Just what are Instagram’s geotags, and how can you make use of them?

You have the option of using a geotag when sharing a Story or photo on Instagram. The coordinates of the place in latitude and longitude will be included in this geotag. With a tag placed on your current location, you may use this function from your mobile device.

Your location must be visible to the public for you to utilise this function.

If you have your Facebook page and Instagram account connected, you won’t need to manually create a geotag for your company.

An Instagram geotag may be made in the following ways:

  • Just insert the desired place by clicking the Location button when making a new post.
  • To add a new place, choose Add and then type in the full address.
  • Choose “Save Custom Location” to permanently store the new place.
  • Go to the Build Custom Place area if you’d want to tag a different location, then click and drag the symbol to the proper address on the Map Location.

Does it justify the trouble to make a geotag? Absolutely! Some advantages of geotags include the following:

The use of geotags in Instagram posts can increase the discoverability in both search and feed.
When you add a location to your postings, you increase the likelihood that others will interact with them.
Users in your area may easily locate your shop with the use of Instagram geotags.
Followers adding geotags to their posts gives you access to even more user-generated material.

Instagram’s Geo-Tagging Functions and How to Utilize Them

More goes into geotagging than meets the eye. You can make use of and appreciate its many features. In addition, it facilitates the usage of location-based content as an effortless means of engaging local people.
Some things to remember if you’re launching a campaign:

Construct the Setting

Making your own geotag is a terrific alternative if you’re unsure of what to use for your shop. Take a look at this little tutorial for a refresher on the process.

Find the “Create the Location” option in your Instagram preferences. Ensure that Instagram can access your location by adjusting your privacy settings.
First, make a new status update, then select “Check In” and enter your company’s name. If your desired company name is already in use, try coming up with something truly original to give your company a leg up on the competition.
You may begin establishing your brand’s presence on Instagram by conducting a search and clicking “search” before you begin.
When you’ve added your location, choose a classification for your company. Decide carefully which course of action is best for your company.
At the end, look for your company’s name online. You should be sent to a website where you may declare your location after you’ve located it.

Incorporate Stickers into Your Story

Instagram users may improve their geotagged content by using the Stories feature. It is possible to add a personal touch to your online content by utilising digital stickers to label your location in photographs and videos. It’s easy to find the sticker you want; just look for the word “Location” and choose a design from the options presented there.

Make use of geotagged hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent tool for attracting more attention to and readers to your content. Use trending hashtags like “#instagood,” “#tbt,” or “#photooftheday” to increase exposure to your photos. If you want to reach people in a certain area, you may also create hashtags with that information.

To increase awareness of your Los Angeles-based company, for instance, try using the hashtag #LA. Instagram Stories even includes a dedicated hashtag sticker for geotagging your posts.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Location Tags

Instagram geotags are a fantastic way to acquire creative marketing ideas without breaking the bank. Take use of them by remembering these few guidelines.

Connect with local leaders in your field to form a team

Use Instagram geotags to network with local influencers and maybe earn sponsorship. Here is where you may locate them:

To find out which Instagrammers in your area have checked into which local landmarks, use the search function.
You can tell if they are a suitable fit for your company by analysing the content they have posted.
Send them a message proposing a mutually beneficial partnership.

The value lies on material created by the users themselves

With geotags, you may contact more people and earn their confidence in a more sincere way. People that make generous use of your geotags should be rewarded for their kindness. To encourage repeat business, you might provide customers with coupons or discounts good towards their next purchase.

Use geotags in an Instagram contest and provide a prize for the winner

Give away prizes or hold a picture contest with geotagging as one of the major criteria for entry. It’s possible that users will pin your location to their posts, which will increase the visibility of your event in search results.

Lessons Learned

You’re leaving money on the table if you have a physical business and aren’t utilising Instagram’s geotags. Geotagging is a powerful tool for expanding your brand’s visibility on the platform, connecting with potential consumers in your area, and closing sales.

Also, it’s a fantastic method for conserving cash if you’re trying to generate money on Instagram without spending a lot on advertising.

Your company can benefit in several ways from using Instagram geotags:

You need to connect with people where you live if you want your campaign to succeed.
Optimize your site to rank higher in search engines.
Share geotagged user-generated content with your audience.
Initiate prospective collaborations with key opinion leaders and content producers.
Make your geotags unique to beat the competition.
Totally free advertising for your company

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