A new format for creating vertical short video clips accompanied by music is popularly known as Instagram Reels. It is a famous concept which is derived from the rapidly growing application TikTok, especially well-known with Gen Z. here are some valuable tips like how can one create their first Instagram Reels, why should marketers and businesses use them, and how to recognizing the Instagram Reels, and what precisely the Instagram Reels are all?. 


An entertaining, fun, and short video with augmented reality and music displayed on the full screen on Instagram is known as Instagram Reels. Here are some following characteristics of Instagram Reels

  • Instagram Reels can be accessible only on mobile devices, but you can also access them from the web.
  • She is often accompanied by the original sounds and music from the music library of Instagram.
  • You can import the video content from your gallery or create a Reels video from the Instagram camera for Reels.
  • Creation of one video clip, more than one/ multiple clips.
  • The News Feed will display the video in the ratio of 4:5, but it will display the video at 9:16 in full screen.
  • Since September 24, 2020, the duration of the video is 30 seconds. 

There are some features and options, and tools are mentioned below, which are all available for Instagram Reels:

  • Tools for hashtags
  • Tools for drawings 
  • Tools for sticker
  • Tools for text
  • Time
  • Augmented Reality filters
  • Speed adjusting of the video clips (speed up or slow down)

This is the newest feature that has not been rolled out worldwide yet. In November 2019, in Brazil, Instagram Reels were launched, and then later in countries like India, Germany, and France. In August 2020, the US also welcomed Instagram Reels.

By the Reels logo, everyone can find easily identifiable Reels on Instagram. The Reels’ position varies upon where the Reels video is shared, Reels are displayed at the bottom left often, and sometimes it is shown as directly on the video. Currently, people can easily find the  Reels in Instagram’s Explore Feed, in stories, and the news feed for extracts, the grid icon, or on the dedicated icon, which links to your Reels through the profile. Businesses are used to  buy  Instagram Reels comments for their Reels. Once if you tap on Reels, it will open as in full screen, and then various elements are present on the screen; they are :

  • Comments, Like, Counter
  • And if applicable, then link to the source of the audio
  • A description without hashtags or with hashtags
  • Followed by the subscriber button, the name of the account will display.

Users can perform actual actions like: copy the link and share on other social media platforms, share, comment, and like.  Users can make an Instagram reel with a new available dedicated feature in the Instagram camera. Users can select their audio, change the video’s speed ( slow down or speed up),