Throughout the past 2 years, 2 of the most well-liked social media platforms used by younger millennials and Gen A were TikTok and Instagram. The Instagram application pulled over one billion active accounts and users steadily since it was released in 2016.  But the TikTok platform reached one billion downloads globally within eighteen months of its debut. Both social media networks TikTok and Instagram, have entertainment factors and solid benefits.

¬†While the visual layout of Instagram lets the users watch the live streams from their favorite people, stories, videos, and images, the TikTok platform provides an endless feed of entertaining and short video clips. Due to privacy concerns, TikTok was banned in many countries, including the U.S., then the Instagram platform launched a brand new video and audio editing features that are quite the same as the TikTok application. This new Instagram feature can be accessed in Instagram’s Stories part.


Reels are nothing but the app feature of Instagram that let the users film 3 to 15 seconds videos and upload 3 to 15 seconds video that users can add effects, sound dub, or edit to before sharing in their Instagram Explore page, Stories or feed. Apart from allowing the users to filming the videos with audio or sound overlays, the camera of Reels and editors also include the below special functionalities:

Mobile-only: unlike the Stories and Instagram profiles, you cannot upload or view Reels video from desktop devices.

Shareability on your profile, Stories, Explore page, Instagram feed: depending on your profile’s privacy setting, you can share your Reels publicly in the Explorer’s Reel area or with just your friends on your profile or stories.

Stitchable takes: this option allows the users to share a video with a combination of faster takes or a just single long take.

Attribution of audio:  if a creator uploads their own sound, other creators can overlay the audio in their Reels while Instagram credits the original user’s account for it.

More tools for editing: these editing tools include the ability to slow down or speed up the video, transitions, and the AR effect(Augumented Reality effects).

The Instagram Reels are the short-form video feature. Instagram Reels are the new method for businesses, creators, and people to create short and entertaining videos and share them on Instagram. If you are one of the above people, it is better to buy Instagram Reels views to make your video reach more people. It allows the creators to make fifteen-second video clips and share them with just friends or publicly within the Instagram platform. 


After and before your filming videos on your Reels camera, you will see the four icons for editing on your camera screen’s left side. They are sound, playback speed, effects, and timer. The sound feature allows you to add a featured song list of Reels or a pre-recorded audio from other creators. By using the playback speed, you can slow down or speed up your video content. By using the effects option, you can use your desired effects for your video.