TikTok is a great social media application that entered into the competitive world that is seemingly dominated by Instagram and Facebook.  It all started with an application called Musical.ly in the year 2014. Users could record video clips of them with the help of famous dialogues and famous pieces of music that will usually be running fifteen seconds to 1 minute long. The company had over ninety million active users within the two years of launching. The app was acquired by the china based internet technology company named ByteDance in 2018.  Not just like a karaoke app, the TikTok app is more than that. TikTok is based mainly on self-expression.


Users can shoot the TikTok videos up to fifteen seconds large; by combining videos, users can create the videos up to sixty seconds long. But the TikTok app is not shooting a video and just pointing. Users can add various things to your video content like editing your video, add music to your video, to apply different types of filters; all these things are available within the applications. Brands are getting into the app more than teens. Buy TikTok views is right way and common as well as celebrities and artists. 


This app is very simple for using as you imagine. TikTok app is very user friendly. First, you have to download the TikTok app on your mobile phone. You will get the instant community access on the app once if you are downloaded. From there, you can start to browse the videos. This is the first good step because you can able to see the platform how diverse it is. There is a huge number of brands and unique ways people and creators alike to express themselves on TikTok. You have to create an account on TikTok if you are ready to dive deeper into the platform.TikTok allows you to use your other platforms like Facebook, your phone number, and your email address to sign in. username of yours will be generated automatically, but you can change your username like whatever you like, maybe it is your name or your brand name or something else. For you is one of the TikTok’s pages that have collections of videos that will suggest to you based on your interests and your behaviors and preferences on the applications. Over time the for your page’s feed is personalized. And following is also one of the main parts and main pages on the TikTok application; this for your page has the collection of videos on the feed which is created by the people and users that you have chosen to follow on TikTok.