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How To Embed A Video From YouTube Into An Instagram post or Story

Sharing humorous videos you found on YouTube is a major part of the enjoyment. Also, feel free to share the link with your social media followers. The Instagrammers who follow you, nevertheless… It’s possible to accomplish this on an iPhone, albeit it won’t be completely hassle-free. And since you’re here, you probably want to know how to transfer a video from YouTube to Instagram, too. Have no fear. If you want to know how to post videos from YouTube to Instagram, keep reading this article.

Can you upload a video from YouTube to Instagram?

The quick answer is that you can upload videos from YouTube to Instagram. However, since there isn’t a built-in option, you’ll have to save the video to your phone before uploading it to Instagram.

Also, keep in mind that YouTube doesn’t provide this functionality on purpose. This is why obtaining the original poster’s consent is necessary before re-uploading any content protected by copyright law. And it’s always kind to give them credit in your piece so readers may find their original work.

Tutorial on embedding a YouTube video into an Instagram post or Story.

It’s not too difficult to take a video from YouTube and upload it to Instagram, but it still takes some work. If you follow these three simple procedures in order, you should have no trouble resharing a video.
First, get the video onto your iPhone by downloading it from YouTube.

Videos that users did not post themselves cannot be downloaded from YouTube. The primary motivation for this is to ensure users’ compliance with applicable copyright regulations. However, YouTube does not prohibit users from downloading videos for personal use. A third-party website is required for this purpose. The film will then begin downloading to your iPhone’s or iCloud’s Downloads folder, depending on your preferences. In any case, the video will be located in your device’s Files app.

Sharing a YouTube link in your Instagram Story.

Sharing a link to a YouTube video in an Instagram Story is an alternative to downloading the video.

Create a thumbnail for your story.

If you have more than followers on Instagram (making you a “Instagram influencer”), you will have access to the exclusive “Swipe-up” function. This means you may now share a Story that, when the user swipes up, redirects them to a different website.

Among other things, you should think about making a captivating thumbnail for your Stories. Here are a few things to keep in mind while designing a photo that people would want to “like”

Make sure it looks beautiful; I know this seems silly, but it’s important! Make a picture so striking that people will stop scrolling through hundreds of other Stories just to look at it.
Put it plainly: Your thumbnail should accurately represent your video’s content.
Text to use Just a few words on why your video is worth seeing can go a long way.
Integrate a call to action: You may either use animated stickers or just text “swipe up.” If you want people to click on your thumbnail, you need to include those two terms.

Share the YouTube link and thumbnail on Stories.

Bringing films from YouTube to Instagram does need some more work on your part. The good news is that this is by no means an impossibility. Whether you’re planning to download the video or post the link in your Stories, we hope this article has helped you feel more confident in your ability to comprehend how to send a YouTube video to Instagram. Various paths are available to you; now all you need to do is pick the one that will serve you and your audience the best.

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