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7 Ways To Market Your Event On TikTok

Here in 2023, you’ll find information on how to promote an event on TikTok. Practical, efficient, and innovative ideas and examples for using TikTok for event marketing in 2023 from popular TikTok content creators.


Statistics show that over one billion people throughout the world use TikTok.

TikTok is a social media site that mostly attracts users in the 18–34 age range (Gen alpha and Gen Z), although some worldwide premium brands have previously successfully promoted events with multimillion dollar marketing campaigns on TikTok.



Make sure your event only has one brand name.

Here’s a widely publicised event that was promoted on TikTok:

Launch a TikTok Challenge for #ChrisRockLive: Selective Outrage, Netflix’s First Live Worldwide Event

You have a far better chance of being noticed and drawing people to your page, which should increase interaction, if you come up with a unique take on a challenge and add the established hashtag to it.

Give out awards to the top finishers.


Personalities abound on TikTok. People have large platforms and networks to share their creations, whether they be dance routines, informational videos, or just plain jokes. If you contact YouTubers who are popular among the target audience for your event, they may mention it in an upcoming video, which could boost your viewership and attendance.

Provide free admission to the event as a way to attract more people. Instead of trying to contact D’Amelio’s, focus on recognisable individuals that have a sizable online following and who regularly write about topics that are of interest to the people you anticipate will attend your event.

Provide your fans with engaging videos of your event to keep them engaged

Answer questions, run live Q&As, and broadcast directly to viewers. The more you involve others and show them that you care about what they have to say, the more likely they are to agree with you and join you.
The key benefit of the event that you should advertise is the experience that money can’t buy.

When it comes to TikTok, most event marketers just focus on the event itself (the “stage time”) as the “brand,” whereas in reality, this is only the beginning of what the app has to offer.

Influencers, both micro (those with 100 or so followers) and macro (those with tens of thousands), can help you reach a much wider audience; if you need assistance, you can hire marketing organisations that focus on influencer marketing.

Attendees need to do the following to have a good time

Seek out anyone who could be interested in or available to join them: companion? amour?
Choose the best day and time by considering the weather forecast, other plans, and other obligations.
Put money down.

Figure out how to get there and where to pick up your other party members

Plan ahead so that you don’t end up late. Transportation options include driving, using the bus, an Uber, etc.
To enter the venue, please. This is normally not a major problem, but it occasionally becomes one.
Locate a spot where they can relax and take it all in without missing a beat.

Those who paid to attend but were unable to do so in person may be granted access to a private video recording of the event.

Show some TIKTOK commercials, number 3

Due to the app’s massive user base, even a modest initial investment in TikTok will yield substantial returns.

A paid TikTok promotional campaign can increase attendance at your event for under $1,000.

Use TikTok’s In-Feed Native Advertising to get viewers to visit your page right away. As readers get to the bottom of the For You portion of their feed, this will pop up. Since it looks like everyone and their grandmother is on TikTok, it’s a terrific method to achieve massive engagement numbers, and a 5-15 second attention-grabbing video could attract people to click and discover your event.

Second, sow seeds of inquiry and look ahead to potential outcomes

Consider telling a tale as an introduction to your event in order to pique interest, and then finish with a compelling call to action.

This is not the final chapter. Be sure to buy a ticket

But, the event will reveal the most exciting portion of this tale. Purchase a ticket.
Do you want to know what happens next? Purchase your seat right now!
You should realise that your event is just one of a million ways that people can pass the time. Some reasons people could give for not attending your event are:

I’m going alone because I have nobody else to go with.
The kids need me to watch the TV series they’ve been watching, the sports finals they’ve been waiting for, supper with friends and relatives, etc., all take precedence over my yoga practise or gym time.
It’s prohibitively pricey.

The venue is difficult to reach

On days like that, I like to relax by watching comedies on Netflix or YouTube.
The place could grow too crowded for my liking.


The crucial query is as follows:

How can you simplify the TikTok booking and payment process for your event?

You already know where to look: on the internet.

Nevertheless, few event marketers actually check the payment system.

Can the time and date be selected with little effort?

Tickets are a significant investment, so it’s important to consider all the details potential buyers need to know before making a purchase, such as where to find the event, how to get there, whether or not there is handicapped access, etc.

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