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How To Build A Brand using TikTok in 2023?

TikTok is a new way to connect with people for all kinds of purposes.

Previously 30- to 60-minute videos are now often only 15-second clips that leave a lasting impression if done right.

We’ve had three consecutive years of revenue growth of over a million dollars at this point. Through the use of our organic short-form video strategies, we have helped thousands of businesses improve their bottom lines.

Because millions of business owners need to learn how to use TikTok and the value that having a presence on the app can bring to their company, I am thrilled that Agorapulse is publishing this book.

“I recommend having the app running in the background of your computer or mobile device as you read this. When you put yourself in the shoes of a business owner, you will gain a whole new perspective on the app.

Why Marketing on TikTok Is Now a Necessity Rather Than a Choice

Is this the reason you haven’t joined the TikTok trend?

When compared to more well-known platforms, does TikTok have the same potential for interaction and audience expansion?

Let’s start by addressing the most obvious problem: Is it true that brands with an audience comprised primarily of users younger than 23 will find the most success marketing on TikTok?

To be sure, the majority of TikTok’s audience is comprised of people aged 16 to 24, but older generations like Millennials and Gen X are catching on fast. About a quarter of all adults (25-34) are now using the app.
Can you think back to when Facebook first came out? Initial users skewed young, between the ages of 16 and 25. Right now, Facebook’s typical user is between the ages of 25 and 34.

Don’t give up if you can’t find your ideal viewers on TikTok just yet. That’ll alter as time goes on.

Disregarding chronological order… Since its inception only six years ago, TikTok has attracted over one billion monthly active users.

This is an incredible rate of brand expansion. To put that in perspective, consider that it took Instagram 12 years to reach the same number of users as TikTok.

Users spend an average of over 1.5 hours per day watching FYPs on TikTok, which is why it continues to see monthly downloads in the millions (For You Page). Due to their widespread appeal, companies can reach a sizable audience to spread word of their wares.

A Complete TikTok Marketing Plan

TikTok creators are encouraged to post short, snappy videos (between 15 seconds and 10 minutes) in order to keep the platform’s content dynamic and engaging.

What keeps people coming back for more is the short, snackable content: “I’ll just watch one…” Is there a chance for a… Sure, here’s a final one… Please, just this ONE more…” Comedy skits, lip-sync videos, and viral challenges on TikTok can easily consume an entire hour.

That’s why it’s no surprise that 6.4% of TikTok users are at risk of becoming dependent on the app.
A double-edged sword for marketers, TikTok’s addictiveness comes with both benefits and drawbacks.

For one thing, digital marketers can use TikTok to really connect with their audience and hook them with compelling content.
While there are thousands of videos available to watch on TikTok, brands only have 60 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention.
Digital marketers will need to adapt to survive on TikTok as more and more companies join the platform.

Stop-and-go campaign strategies, which are successful on Instagram and Facebook, are not likely to be as successful on TikTok.

Fast-paced and demanding, TikTok does not lend itself to infrequent updates. The information is simply forgotten or lost.

TikTok’s four cornerstones of constant advertising

To maintain focus, avoid anxiety, and achieve TikTok success, base your content strategy on the following four pillars.

First pillar: keep a consistent organic presence

TikTok, more than any other social media platform, is emphasising genuineness among its users. Videos with high aspirations and false humility have no place on TikTok. Authenticity, originality, and playful (if occasionally divisive) levity all have their place here. Keeping your TikTok audience interested and engaged requires a steady flow of genuine, organic content that stems from the core of your brand.

Disseminate a Continual Flow of In-Feed Ads

Maintain a natural presence on the platform by advertising regularly within user feeds. Those advertisements will blend in with your organic content on the For You pages of your target audience. Subtle product, feature, and service-related messages can be incorporated here to boost the site’s organic visibility. The best way to achieve marketing goals while also gaining the respect and trust of your audience is to combine constant in-feed advertisements with consistent organic content.

Third pillar: Establish reliable connections with innovators

Creators on TikTok are the ones responsible for the platform’s unique personality, originality, and creativity. Before you can say “Tell Me, Without Telling Me, That You’re a…” they’ve already told you a story, made a video go viral, and figured out what’s trending on TikTok. Therefore, if you want to start trending on TikTok while still connecting with your audience, partnering or co-creating with professional content creators is essential.

Fourth pillar: supplement one-off advertising initiatives with other paid-for media formats

More than a billion people every month use TikTok. That’s a huge group of people who could benefit from your imaginative branded content.

A huge audience, however, means that there is also a huge amount of competition. If you want your brand to be noticed among the sea of other businesses already using TikTok, you need to maintain an active presence there.

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